Are you planning to enjoy your holidays in Baku? Want to spend precious time with your loved ones? Before visiting Baku, we will explain to you about Baku, the package details, mode of transportation, the best time to visit, the best destination in Baku, things to carry, and the safety measures.

Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan which is also known as the largest scientific, cultural, and industrial center. Here in Baku, you can witness plenty of soviet legacies. The largest city of the Republic of Azerbaijan is located on the western seaside of the Caspian Sea, which is in the southern part of the Apsheron Peninsula. This city is famous for its amazing views, delicious food, and mind-blowing carpets. It is a blend of the ancient town and Parisian style neighborhood. Here, one can explore several historic buildings and icons. This is the reason that the city is high on tourism, with thousands of tourists visiting daily.

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