A Guide for B2B Visa Services in Dubai

LeEnticing Global gives the best visa services in Dubai. We offer services identified with visa processing, visa application composing and visa cancellation. We likewise offer types of assistance for visa holding, visa stamping, medical, emirates id composing and change status, searching for minimal effort and solid visa services in Dubai for family, home visa, partner visa, speculator visa, employment visa and house cleaner visa? We have you covered. We offer all B2B Visa Services at a reasonable cost.


We have a skilled group of business consultants. We have demonstrated history and involvement in taking care of various types of PRO services in Dubai and visa processing. All services identified with your visa necessity will be conveyed at your doorstep. 


There are numerous kinds of visas offered by the UAE government. Contingent on the reason for the guest's entrance, you can choose which sort of visa you ought to apply for. We will help and survey the requirements and documentation system. This will guarantee that your visa application agrees with all the public authority requirements. As we are in the business arrangement and expert services space, so our business specialists consistently have upto date information on UAE visa rules. 


We help you with the following visa services in Dubai. 

1.Employment Visa 

Is it accurate to say that you are seeking work for an organization in Dubai and UAE? You need to get a business visa. An employment visa permits you to enter Dubai, UAE, for work and work for two years. The business visa requires endorsement from the Ministry of Labor UAE and it is given by the Ministry of residency and Foreign undertakings. Our visa services in Dubai will help the organizations in getting the business visa for the representatives. As a PRO specialist co-op, we gather the required record for visa handling. At that point, we take an endorsement from the public authority authorities and assist you in the labor contract. We additionally convey documentation and other visa preparing related exercises. Our PROs have skills in getting and handling business visas for medium-sized and small companies. In option, we will help you in finishing the customs of Medical and stepping worker's home visa. For medical, we also offer to pick and drop service to the clinical community for the representative visa. 

So now you can contribute and commit your valuable chance to your center's business exercises. We help our clients with corporate visa handling. 


2. Accomplice Visa/Investor Visa 

An accomplice visa is best for the individual who is running your business in business in Dubai. The expense of a Partner visa is not exactly another visa. It is legitimate for a very long time, and it is given by Immigration Department. Any sort of assurance or store isn't needed for this visa. We will help you in getting an accomplice visa for your company.We offer after visa services concerning accomplice visa. 


1. Accomplice visa preparing whether you are inside or outside UAE. 

2. We will help you in getting section license ,clinical , Emirates ID , health care coverage and Visa Stamping. 

3. For accomplice visa,you don't have to visit any service department. We will deal with all the accomplice visa strategy including report assortment and conveyance. 


3. Family Visa/Dependent Visa 

It is safe to say that you are wanting to acquire your family Dubai? We will assist you with getting family visa. As per the UAE government, there are not many necessities identified with representatives for family visa. This incorporate worker's assignment, month to month compensation and different standards relying on worker's work. We will help you through the total techniques until you acquire you get visa for your family. Family visa can be acquired for spouse and kids, yet there are not many different reports are needed to support different family members, for example, guardians. We can likewise give medical coverage, which is required before visa stepping. 


4. Parent Visa 

To get your parent Dubai, you need to apply for a parent visa. There are not any prerequisites to get a parent visa, for example, more significant compensation, great calling and least 2 BHK apartment. Parent visa is substantial for 1 year. We will offer all the types of assistance identified with parent visa. This incorporates section permit,change status,medical,emirates id and wellbeing insurance. Pick and drop service for clinical, emirates id and all report. 


5. Servant Visa 

To get perpetual house keeper or babysitter ,you need to get her a servant visa under your sponsorship. There are a few customs and prerequisites to get a house cleaner visa. We will help you to get your house cleaner visa in an issue freeway. House cleaner visa is legitimate for 1 year and after that you need to recharge the servant visa. 
Our master PRO will present the visa application and guarantee your servant visa measure culmination. We will uphold house cleaner's clinical tests, emirates id, visa stepping and medical coverage measure.


6. Visit Visa/Tourist Visa 

We also offer B2B Travel Service to our clients . A visit or a traveler visa will permit you to enter in UAE for multi month or max 3 month. You can investigate Dubai and appreciate Dubai way of life with a visit visa. We have great contacts with movement agencies. We can assist you with visit visa, air passes to design your visit.


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