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Conventionally, traveling is the way of adding new experience in life because the more you connect with different places, the more experience and knowledge you add in your life. It is a feature that everyone wants to add in life, but a perfect itinerary needs to be prepared most finely. 


The demand for tour package has become the necessity to get the memorable moments of life while vacationing. People like to get first-class service because fun and thrill matters a lot for vacation. It comes as no surprise that tour packages are liable to let people enjoy freely and efficiently. 


Are you looking for the best destination management company that offers profit-making tour packages for B2B agents? Then you are in the right place because LeEnticing Global is a top-class name in tour and travel services. We deliver customizable tour packages for B2B companies, and come up with a reasonable cost, which brings relief in the pocket of our clients. Start a profitable business with our B2B portal that connects your expectations with the outcomes perfectly. 




We are the best B2B tour and travels company, and we developed the well-proven B2B portal for travel agents so that they can easily connect with global customers and generate more revenue from the travel business. 


B2B portal allows you to get manage the relationship with clients, distributors, and partners on a single platform. Travel agencies will get the best solution from us as we have deep knowledge of the industry. 


We have designed and built a personalized travel solution that helps travel agents in a well manner. 


With the help of our B2B portal, we deliver the end to end solution in the travel sector. 




Pricing and Accessibility: Along with the service, travel agents have also access to the pricing and a list of each service along with features. A B2B portal showcases these things to make the process trouble-free. In case, travel agent found himself in confusion state, then “send inquiry” is available for all. 


Promotion Special Offers: The Promotion of Special offers can be viewed on the B2B login side as well. Travel agencies can use the special offers that help in generating demands and increasing sales. 


Reservation Management: We have designed the first-class travel interface that allows travel partner to make a reservation directly. Our B2B portal is full of required information about special price, promotion, services, availability, and other information. This shows that we will allow the travel partners to track the reservation and manage them productively. 


Documentation: Our B2B portal will provide the travel partners with all the documents, and allows them to create the same available for their customers. We come up with a very well support system for mutual communication that increases the viability of the entire process. The automated process to send the invoice is done after the booking is accomplished. The entire process is customizable, and it depends on the need and requirements of travel agencies. This is the key feature of the B2B portal that it manages service effectively.


Enhance the communication Process: The process of the B2B portal eliminated the need for communication over phones and saves time as well as money. It is also an ideal way of attracting customers, creating a new marketing campaign, finding new customers, and making better sales.


Better Control over the Entire Process: It is like everything under the same roof, and it helpful and beneficial for everyone. Agents can easily get an overview of the reservations and the documents that they have made. The entire process is well-focused on eliminating the risk of making possible mistakes. 




Registration and Log in




Offers & Booking 


Documentation and Cancellation 


Cash Flow Management




There is no second thought that an effective b2b portal has become the backbone of travel agencies. LeEnticing Global is a top-class B2B tour and travels company that gives impeccable services in tour and travel, and also understands the perspective of travel agents. We offer customizable tour packages that come along with budget-friendly mode and bring more benefits to the B2B agents. We have a team of experienced experts who handle all the things with professionalism and gives the cutting-edge solution in the best possible way. We aim to link the luxurious traveling vibes with economically tour packages as well as bring the benefits for travel agents. 


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