Nepal, the highest country on earth, often known as the Roof of the World.” Birthplace of Buddha, this holy, mystical land holds the mysteries of nature, humanity, and mountains. It is a shrine of sacred temples that builds a holistic ambiance around its land.

There are many tourist attractions in this country that begins with Himalaya and the capital Kathmandu itself is one of the tourist favorites in the world. Here, you can explore lots of popular Hindu Temples like The famous Temple of Pashupatinath, which is in this city. Also Buddhist religious place, Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha. Nepal is also a pilgrimage site for millions of Buddhists and tourists. It also has Chitwan National Park in Kathmandu, which is known as the home of Bengal Tigers, Crocodiles, myriad bird species, and One-horned Rhinos. If you are looking for DMC For Nepal in India,then we will be the ideal choice for you.

There is also a Lake named Phewa Lake that attracts lots of tourists towards itself while trekking to the Himalayas. So, planning to take a tour of Nepal? LeEnticing Global, the leading DMC will help you with that. We have customized tour packages for Nepal for our clients as per their budget. Rap your stuff-up and start your journey to Nepal. Please have a look at the in-depth info about Nepal.

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